GCM Insurance & Risk Management, LLC offers numerous lines of coverage for protecting you and your business assets. After creating a specifically tailored Insurance & Risk Management Program for you and your business, we go one step further to implement Risk Management protocols, such as Hurricane Preparation Planning and Business Continuity Plans in case of a major catastrophe.

We will also review Hold Harmless Agreements, Indemnity Contracts and other various wording clauses in contracts you have with your own clients as part of our propriety Risk Management Audit Report (RMAR) which is a service provided free of charge to our clients.


Some of our specialty niches and best customers include Retail Shopping Centers, Condominium Associations, Apartment Communities, Restaurants / Bars / Night Clubs, Manufacturers, Property Portfolio's, Foundries, Complex Property Accounts, Distributers, Process Industries and more!

Services Overview

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Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance covers injuries and occupational diseases picked up at work, and although the specifics vary, it is required in almost every state. Regardless of who is at fault, employers are often held liable for their employee’s health while on the job. Unfortunately accidents happen, and you can never be too prepared. Take the necessary precautions by protecting yourself and your business with the Workers Compensation programs offered by GCM Insurance. Many states give the employer the option to self-insure if you are the owner of a small company. If you are curious about what your company’s best options are for workers compensation insurance, call us today. We’ll be more than happy to sit down and review our Workers Compensation Programs that are available.

General Liability

Unfortunately, even small mishaps can result in large lawsuits. General Liability Insurance is indispensable for most companies, as it protects the assets of your company in the chance that you are sued. The amount of coverage your business needs depends on a couple of factors including your perceived risk and the state your business operates in. At GCM, we offer an extensive array of General Liability Insurance programs as well as bundling options to ensure your company receives the most protective and cost effective program available.

Commercial Auto Liability

Commercial Auto Liability Insurance is designed to protect the owners and operators of a business from a wide variety of operational accidents. Whether an accident occurs on the premises of your business or off-premise with one of your company’s operators, it is often necessary to be protected. GCM Insurance offers a variety of protection plans for business-owned or leased commercial vehicles, and with our flexible liability and physical damage coverage, we’re able to address almost any insurance need for classes of businesses within a variety of industries. Call us today to discuss your business’ best protection options.

Commercial Property Coverage

Commercial Property Insurance protects your business against losses and damages to your physical or personal properties. For example, in the event that your business faces fire damage, a commercial property insurance plan would cover you. GCM offers a variety of Commercial Property Insurance options and packages including but not limited to: machinery insurance, glass insurance, marine insurance, tenants, crime, etc. Call us today to discuss your business protection needs; we can put together packages and bundled services based on your specific requirements.

Flood Coverage

Some areas of our country are more prone to flood damage than others, but Mother Nature is unpredictable! GCM can help protect your business through a variety of flood protection coverage options, no matter where you and your business are located! Flood insurance helps cover the structure of your business location as well as damage to your business’ belongings in the event of a flood. If your state does not require you to have flood insurance, you may still be at risk. Contact GCM today to discuss your options for protection against water damage.

Contractors Inland Marine

Contrary to the name, Contractors Inland Marine Insurance actually protects your property during transit. You don’t need to own a boat or transport goods across the ocean to have inland marine insurance. Once your goods leave your insured property, they are often unprotected and can be prone to damage beyond your control. GCM offers various forms of Contractors Inland Marine Insurance programs that are designed specifically for whatever type of business or goods you may have. Call us today to discuss the protection options available.

Umbrella Coverage

GCM offers a variety of Umbrella Coverage programs that can easily be coordinated with your existing insurance policies. Umbrella Coverage is named so because it sits on top of your existing policies, such as commercial auto coverage and commercial property coverage, further protecting you from liabilities. Umbrella Coverage fills in the gaps of missing coverage and is relatively affordable.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance protects a business against losses resulting from a temporary shutdown. GCM offers a variety of Business Interruption Insurance programs to help provide reimbursement for lost net profits and necessary continuing expenses. Business Interruption Insurance can also cover extra expenses in case you have to carry on business at a different location, because of damage at your original place of business. Call us today to discuss your options of protection!

Directors & Officers

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance provides protection for the directors, officers and management team of your company in the event they are sued concerning the performance of their duties for your company. GCM offers a variety of Director and Officers Coverage specific to your team’s coverage needs. Contact us today for a free recommendation and evaluation.